Monday, June 30, 2014

May their memory be a blessing

It's all over my newsfeed.

It's on everyone's mind.

The three poor boys whose bodies were found today. The three teens who were hurriedly murdered and not even disposed of or buried, just dumped in the field.

The three families who ended up in the spotlight and now must show us all how to grieve. The three families where life will never be the same, where there will always be an empty place setting for Shabbos, where brothers will be missed, kaddish will be said and the life as they knew it ended a bit over two weeks ago.

I feel incredibly sad and very angry. I am waiting for wails of revenge from Israel, diplomatic mumbling from the US, indifference from the rest of the world. (There must be some celebrity getting into mischief now, so that the world can shrug and move on). But what will happen? What will all the other mothers in Israel do now? How will they go to sleep, knowing that the murderers are at large, supported and praised directly by Hamas and indirectly by sympathizing hordes?

I have a humble suggestion: let's kidnap the kids of the kidnappers. We know exactly who they are. No, we will not murder them nor hurt them (that will be inhumane, perpetuating the violence and giving a cause to Hamas to proclaim them as martyrs). We will resettle them anonymously in Israel, in ardent Zionist communities, in peace-loving liberal communities, in Dati-Leumi communities, so that these kids will grow up to be moral upstanding citizens, valuing human life. They will be supporters of Israel. They will forget who they were before. They will forget their roots. They will move on.

 I cannot think of a better way to take revenge and avenge the innocent blood.

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