Sunday, March 2, 2014

Purim costume theme

Purim is coming up. I know plenty of families do a costume theme each year: all members dress up to match; it makes great pictures, they all have fun and work together; Pinterest is full of them. I never seemed to get my act together for something like that, despite the fact that I have Purim costume gemach and access to all these costumes.

This year, sometime in the fall, we started discussing Mad Hatter's Tea party as a theme for Purim. Some roles were hashed out: my husband as Mad Hatter, my daughter as Alice, one of the boys as March Hare, another as Cheshire Cat and baby as Door Mouse. Since so much time has passed and this year gave us two Adars (a full month's worth of wake-up time), I decided to check in with everyone before proceeding to plan out and craft the costumes. My husband was OK with being a Mad Hatter and the baby did not really get a say. 9 yo wanted to be Griffin (if you do not recall a Griffin reread the book, especially the Lobster Quadrille part). 4 yo wanted to be a butterfly. I was telling her that there is a caterpillar, and she can be that, but she was not buying it, she wanted wings. Really, she wanted to be a fairy. I got her a matching tutu and wings. Since now we lost Alice, I had to sub as one. The baby got bumped up to March Hare. Luckily, I have a bunny costume in his size, I will add a vest and a toy pocket watch, and that should do. When we started looking into Griffin costumes, nothing was coming up, so I suggested ordering eagle wings and head, and then attaching them to a lion body costume. 9 yo said that he much rather be a chimera, with a goat's mask attached to his back and a spiky tail. Lewis Carrol would approve.

What about 7 yo? He wanted to be Optimus Prime from Transformers (he had never seen the movie, but we have the costume in the gemach).

My family is too individualistic (selfish?) to stick to a theme. Sorry, Pinterest, maybe another year?

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