Saturday, January 4, 2014

to each their own

As we were in the last hour of Shabbos, I started hearing murmurs about DS playing time. My husband was called up to deliver, the kids were already in pajamas, and I wanted them to be aware that it is still Shabbos. I asked whether I should sing "Shabbos is Going Away" song. My daughter said yes. As I am singing it, I see that she is frowning, then pouting and then outright crying: "Mommy, this song is making me sleepy! And sad!" I hugged her, and comforted her. About three years ago, the same scene replayed, this time with my 9 yo. He asked me not to sing this song, it brings tears to his eyes. I have not sang it since, till tonight.

It is easy to call my kids sheltered. I prefer to call them "sensitive".


After Shabbos, and after everyone was tucked in and the dishes were washed, (and my husband still was not home,) I sat down to take care of some online business. I joke that I hold late office hours. One of the items on my agenda was to place an order through for some food items that we cannot get. 7 yo popped out of bed for the second time. He wanted to sit on the couch, and I wanted to wrap up the order. Then he saw me looking up some products and asked me, why don't I rate them and review them? And a thought was born: what if I get him to type in the ratings and reviews for me? He went for it, composing his sentences, patiently going back and putting in missed spaces, even joking a bit. He sat on my lap, and I kept my mouth shut except to offer spelling assistance when I was asked. He was so calm, even when he had to retype and capitalize and fix his spelling. Actually, for the first time I saw that he can see that the word is spelled incorrectly, and he would go back to change it. When he writes, he gets so would up that I never could figure out where in "creative" spelling he stands, whether he is able to spell at all. He got a special one-on-one mommy time, feeling that he is doing something useful.

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