Monday, February 8, 2016

Foreign matter

I'm making creamy zucchini soup.
The diced zucchinis, the onions, the rice
All go in the pot.
I add in two bay leaves.
They look foreign amongst the bright green zucchini chunks.
But after simmering for a while,
They all blend in.

Yet when the soup is cooked,
Before blending,
I seek those bay leaves out
And remove them from the pot.
Though as hard as they hide,
I find them, and discard.

So are baalei teshuva,
Melding in the same pot as FFBs,
Simmering in the same juices,
Lending their unique flavor,
Sought out,
By the shadchanim,
And removed from the pot,
Lest they contaminate
The final dish.

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