Sunday, December 28, 2014

mommy's day out (photoblog)

I got out all by myself today. Here are some images:
The day was gloomy, with 100 % chance of rain. Luckily, just as I left house, the rain has stopped. I walked on a paved trail and saw these birds.

Train overpass

Everything was wet, and I just loved seeing the reflections in all the puddles.

selfie in a puddle

Acorn caps

The overcast day made for beautiful lighting.

The tree reflection in droplets on a bench was very Escher-like.

After the walk, I got a salad for lunch ( with all the ingredients that I wanted) and headed over to the museum to spend some time exploring on my own. I rarely get to spend as much time on the exhibit as I would like. I saw the exhibit on local folk arts. What stuck with me was a hand-spun maternity dress, over 150 years old. The color was a bit strange, but the style was nice. I wonder what future people will say about current maternity clothing (may it all rot in a landfill).

After the museum and the prenatal massage which I was totally craving in  my head, and not scheduling, I stopped by Hancock fabrics, on an impulse. (Could that folk art exhibit have anything to do with it?) Since I am borrowing a sewing machine, and since there was a huge fabric sale, I got some fleece to make no-sew blankets with the kids, and some cutesy fabric to make simple skirts for my daughter.

Finished 20 min skirt ( OK, it took me an hour)

As my last hurrah of the day, I met with a friend for some schwarma. I have been craving turkey, but how can I get just one slice? It was nice to pick out just the salads that I wanted instead of worrying what the kids will eat.
We split an order of fries, but we were unable to finish it. I brouhgt home the leftovers, to my kids' delight.

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