Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Since we got married, I made Pesach every year. Two of my boys were born around Pesach: one on the last day and one two days before. My baby was born three weeks before Pesach. Every year I have a bit of a freak-out, but every year it somehow comes together.

And every year I hear about the general dread that Pesach instills in women. The cleaning! The shopping! The cooking! The sedarim! Some of these are self-imposed, and since I am not a halachik authority, I cannot tell to simplify. Hopefully, your rav will tell you when you are doing too much and worrying too much. Ask, and you might find out that you can do less. What I can tell is that Pesach is not equivalent to spring cleaning. And when you are halachically preparing for Pesach, do not turn it into spring cleaning (unless you have nothing else to do, but then don't freak out about how complex it gets).

What I can tell you about are a few things which work and will simplify life. And I hope to post one Pesach recipe a day, in hopes of avoiding "there is nothing to eat" syndrome. Just click on the tag "pesach" on the right and they will come up.

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