Saturday, February 8, 2014

shabbos conversations

Friday night. We are discussing the clothes that the kohanim wore, from this week's parsha. I am trying to figure out whether the boys know the proper terminology for the turbans.
9 yo: "Do you mean the one that looks like a volcano, or the one that looks like nuclear explosion?"
The Turban, wound as a "Mitznefet" (left) for the Kohen Gadol
 and as a "Migba'at" (right) for the ordinary Kohen
I chuckle, and say: "So what do you call the one that looks like nuclear explosion?"
7 yo: "A mushroom cloud!"
My husband was called up to the hospital three separate times this Shabbos. He did not get much sleep, and totally missed shul. At least he was home for the meals. As we are sitting down, and he starts a popular shabbos song: "Menucha ve'simcha (Rest and happiness)" he says how he did not have either. I said that the rest part was not up to him, but happiness is still in his hands. And we did end up having a joyous Shabbos, with book reading, parsha questions, boys wrestling and calm atmosphere.
At the third meal, 9 yo blurts out: "Disney totally killed Pocahontas! That is not how it happened. She was forced to marry that English guy." I asked him how he knows this, and he said that he read enough history books. I am feeling sort of glad that he is not in a traditional history class.

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