Monday, January 20, 2014

of men and dolphins

The most recent story that seems to get posted time and again is a story about dolphins, stuck in a Japanese harbor, awaiting slaughter. Mothers will be separated from the babies, there is blood. How sad.

Are we for real?

Do you know how many people died in Hiroshima? 45,000 civilians wiped out in a blink. Do you know that there is a civil war going on in South Sudan, and human mothers are being separated and killed along with human babies? As the most true line from "Hotel Rwanda" goes: you are not white, you are not even black, you are Afrikaans, and that's why the world does not care.

It is Martin Luther King Jr.'s day. I'm sure there are speeches about how far we've come, and yet I wonder. In Pollyanna, there is an orphan boy looking for "folks". He is willing to work, he does not want to be a free-loader. Yet none of the Ladies' Aiders take him in, as that will cut into the bottom line of the report on saving heathen souls of India children. When are we going to stop caring about those noble causes far away, and not human causes, and when we will start caring about people right under our noses?

In the meanwhile, show indignation for the slaughter of dolphins.

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  1. My husband was involved in some of the humanitarian aid provided by the military to Sudan and told horror stories of what is happening on the ground there. I was SHOCKED that the whole time he was away, I could not find one comprehensive news article covering the situation...