Tuesday, January 28, 2014

another day

I've got an assistant.
I am still undertaking too much.
4 yo got her shots today and was very unhappy about it.
When I got home, I had three kids yelling at the same time, despite having another adult in the house.
7 yo managed to throw a fit even in my absence and refuse to do his work. And he locked himself in the laundry room.
It snowed a whole freaking inch and the traffic came to a standstill. My husband is stranded in the hospital. Of course, today he is not on call...
9 yo asked to have a crab stick with his sushi ( kosher fake DynaSea crab for those who are wondering). I found it later half-chewed on the windowsill.

I lost it.

4 yo refused to take a bath since she is worried about Band-Aids from her shots coming off.

The baby cut another tooth.

I hope my pipes will not freeze tonight, a pine tree will not fall on my house, and a workshop that we are supposed to attend tomorrow will get cancelled ( it is STILL on). I hope taekwondo will get cancelled too. I hope my husband makes it home safely.

And I hope that a Krispy Kreme donut goes well with mulled white wine, cause that's what I'm having!

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