Saturday, September 21, 2013

keeping it light

A day before Yom Tov I ventured down into the basement and found it in a total state of chaos. This was after it was supposedly cleaned up by the kids. I could not hold back and I started my mommy rant.

"Look at this mess! You call this cleaning up? I am flabbergasted! This is horrible and has to be cleaned up!"
"What is "flabbergasted"? Is it upset?"
"You go look it up in a dictionary! You need to be cleaning this up right now, before I come down with a garbage bag and throw all the toys away!"
They started cleaning up, and I kept on ranting. Then I heard one boy saying quietly: "Go to ef."

Ooh, that got goat up! I faced him:
"What did you just say?"
A bit louder: "You go to ef." He looks up at me calmly, with big innocent eyes.
"Where did you hear this? What are you saying?!"
Unruffled: "To look up "flabbergasted", you go to F in the dictionary."

Whew. All the air went out from me. I almost blew this one.

Note to self: do not assume the worst possible scenario. Keep it light.

They did look up "flabbergasted" in the dictionary, and the basement is marginally better-looking.

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