Wednesday, September 11, 2013

child-led learning

Yesterday's biology lesson:

Target was selling bug vacuum for a song, so I could not resist and got it. The boys were enamored with it and caught four spiders, identified them (I did not check, if they say it's a wolf spider, so be it) and placed them in the same observation chamber. Then, over the course of the day, they watched one of the spiders kill off the others and spin a web around them. I got detailed oral reports of their observations.

Today's writing/spelling:

I downloaded 4 Pics 1 Word onto my phone, and the kids gathered round. They were all clamoring with suggestions, and all took turns entering in the words that they guessed, including 3 yo. She guessed "pink" and knew what all the letters looked like, so she helped out. My refusenik writer, 7 yo, did not count this as writing, or spelling, just as having a turn at a game.

Oh, and the baby decided to skip the whole rolling over from stomach-to-back thing and work on sitting instead. He also despises all baby food mush and prefers something he can hold on to and control, like bread sticks and broccoli stalks.

G-d, give me patience not to jump in too soon with my grand agendas. Let me guide these kids on the paths that interest them and not the paths that they HAVE to take.

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