Monday, May 6, 2013

what did they do all day?

  • launching cars to see which one goes farthest
  • finding out what happens when milk is added to water, and then adding in oil, peanut butter, pepper,curry, dish soap, consomme, mixing it up and predicting what will separate 
  • printing out and coloring a map of Greece
  • adding Aleinu to davening
  • watching Magic School Bus Bakes a Cake
  • reading
  • playing with Mighty Mind tiles
  • launching Lego guys and testing their helmets
  • going to Publix: finding coupons, checking out groceries, bringing groceries home, putting away
  • launching cars down the steps
  • tracing sand letters
  • stick-fighting in the backyard
  • sharpening sticks for arrows
  • checking on the pit
  • cleaning off muddy shoes: washing the dirt off, using detergent, finding out that warm water works best
  • watching surveyors on our block
  • counting how many minutes and seconds till taekwondo
  • taekwondo
  • going on a sleepover at grandma's and packing their own bags
7 yo asked what happens when milk and water are mixed, and immediately found out. Then he just HAD to add oil, and soap, and peanut butter, and spices...
If I want to put it into subjects, we had literature, math, science, social studies, phys. ed, home ec., tefila. But  is there really any need to do so?

I also saw that 9 yo wrote an elaborate list of science things he wanted to do ( paleontology, periodic table, nature hike, make a model of dinosaur), but he did not do any of them. I brought his attention that he did not get to his to-do list despite having a whole day. Now I think that maybe, just maybe, he is not as science-inclined as he wants us to believe. Or maybe simply not focused.

7 yo started with this: "I hate schoolwork, especially math. Can I just launch my cars and measure which one goes the farthest?" And that's exactly what he did.

No tantrums today!

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