Sunday, April 7, 2013

staying alive, staying alive...

that's the motto for now

four kids are a lot

four kids are a lot when your reference is two kids, and a clean house, and both parents at work, and kids in school

four kids keep me counting them up every time we go out: am I missing one? They do not run away, they are good kids, but there is that feeling that I am forgetting someone

We are all adjusting here. I am making space in my heart and physical space in the house for another one. The older kids are making changes for another brother.

I am giving it six months to get any semblance of life. This might not be generous enough, but, by keeping the expectations low, it is easier to function rather than expecting perfect functioning from the start.

forgive the rambling here, it might be easier to read sometime in the middle of the night, when you are bleary-eyed

hang in there

this, too, shall pass


  1. i read once that many families feel that after 9 months, not 6 months, they feel more adjusted.
    great title :-D

  2. Hi,

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