Thursday, April 25, 2013

mostly unschooling today

Today's school:
  • soring legos by size and kind
  • davening
  • trip to the wastewater treatment plant
  • lunch with friends
  • trampoline
  • making hot chocolate with 3 and 7 yo
  • making potato-yucca kugel with 3 yo
  • chumash with 9 yo
  • drum practice for both boys
  • step-by-step drawing of Pokemon: Snivy
  • picking up in all the rooms
  • parsha reading on the couch for a good-night story

Ok, not a lot of formal schoolwork here. Some very happy kids, though. 9 yo did feel that it is unfair that he HAS to do chumash and HAS to write out one word from 10 pesukim. We are in the middle of Yitzhak giving brachot to his sons. Whenever 9 yo has a question about p'shat, he automatically looks up Rashi. He has been doing about 5 pesukim a day now, and really translating on his own. Over the course of this year, his skills improved quite a bit.

I am still trying to figure out this whole unschooling thing. I mind need to read up a bit on it. I might decide that some things are non-negotiable, like davening and chumash, and some can happen any time. 

Oh, and no tantrums from 7 yo. Some bouncing around, but no resistance. Even when he was working on his drawing and not understanding exactly where to draw the next part, he just stuck with it, even though his frustration was rising.

What would a whole week without tantrums be like?

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