Friday, April 26, 2013

Arbor day

9 yo plants a tree
Today we went to a local college to participate in Arbor day. The kids watched swans, geese and ducks, planted some trees, climbed a magnolia, met other homeschoolers. 9 yo sidled to a professor of botany and spoke to her class. We walked around a lake. I kept wishing that the college I went to had such a pretty campus. 

We listened to Shabbos zemirot on the way there and back.
magnolia climbing

When we got home, after lunch, it was math time. Since 7yo know it was the only "schoolwork", he did not object. He even made some comments about how easy it was. 

Them everyone showered. The drum lesson was interesting: 7 yo did well, and got his next assignment, 9 yo got frustrated and the teacher cut his lesson short. We have a whole month till the next lesson, and I will watch his practice.

I think having one assignment is where we have no frustration, and the rest of our day should be occupied with life and field trips. I am much happier this way, too.

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