Wednesday, January 2, 2013


We're on vacation this week.

My oldest wanted to know whether he can still do projects while on vacation; the answer is YES.

Sunday: a visit to a museum and exhibit on Chengis Khan.

Monday: mommy's day off. I went to Target and got to think in addition to shopping and then painted pottery. I came home to a worksheet on yurt building. We have a dome climber and a piece of tarp, and 8 yo wanted to figure out whether we have enough tarp to cover the dome. This involved circumference and surface area calculations (done with the help of my husband).

Tuesday: lazed around, did not leave house. Organized some shelves. 6 yo made a colt out of corks and toothpicks.

Wednesday: 6 yo had arctic day camp run by another homeschooler. The other two kids accompanied me to Farmer's Market. I came home with dinosaur kale, brussels sprouts and gingerbread kefir, all of which were not on my shopping list, but were put in cart by 8 yo who wants to eat them. During lunch, he was inventing a perpetum mobile involving a windmill connected to a leaf blower. He wants to generate energy. I softly let him down with "you can't win" and "you can't break even". He suggested using lots of oil for lubrication and running it in space to reduce air drag.

2 yo counted apple slices in English and in Hebrew, then hid them behind her back, Count van Count style, and recounted again.

I think I am the only one on vacation.

I think that unschooling will work very well for us.

My husband says that vacation is a chance to do all the things that you normally do not get around to doing. It seems that my kids get around to most about everything on a daily basis, so they do not need a vacation from thinking, activities and projects.

And for the past three days, 8 yo repeatedly told me: "Today is a good day!"

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