Tuesday, August 21, 2012

map expert

This morning, 8 yo crawls out of bed and announces that he wants to write his own schedule. I let him, curious to see what will make the cut. Here is what he came up with:

  1. Spelling
  2. cursive
  3. recess #1
  4. geography
  5. Yahadus
  6. lunch-recess
  7. lunch
  8. 1st class dismissed
At this point, I jumped in and showed what I had planned for today. He was mad, but added the following:

9. 2nd class starts
10. math
11 Lashon Hatorah
12. Pokemon
13. 2nd class dismissed
14. recess

I noted the lack of chumash, he said that he will do it at the very end. I suggested doing it first, but he wanted to do it last.

For once, I was prepared for geography. I printed out a fill-in-the-blank map from enchantedlearning.com. I told him to get started from memory and then look up the rest. This is what he filled in from memory:

filled in map of Africa
I cannot even check this, I don't know if they are all correct! This is what comes when you spend hours poring over the map, playing your version of Risk, playing world domination of Pokemons vs. Harpies, and just having fun with geography.

I am seriously thinking about letting them be.

Everything else went well, too, and he even did Chumash before Lashon HaTorah.

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