Tuesday, June 12, 2012

feeling lazy

Too tired for a long post, so here is my lazy version of today:

  • davened
  • 8 yo happily bangs on the drums and unhappily practices what his teacher assigned
  • Pike's nursery to get cages for drooping tomato plants
  • boys buy a plant each (with their own money)
  • 8 yo buys guaranteed to sprout cactus seeds. Mom is skeptical.
  • caged the tomatoes
  • boys made a terrarium with their plotted plants
  • 2 yo refused to nap
  • when reminded to feed the fish, 8 yo said I should be doing it for a change. That did not go over well.
  • in a fit of anger, I cleared off boys' desk and put everything in a garbage bag. They still didn't notice.
  • drove to Starlab in a local library ( free!)
  • signed up for library's summer reading program
  • 6 yo proved that he reads fluently
  • corralled napless 2 yo while boys were watching stars
  • Costco with 3 kids, one of which didn't nap. Let your imagination run wild on that one! 
  • 2 yo falls asleep on the drive home
  • boys help me unload the car and then sit down to read library books
  • I make dinner
  • baths/showers
  • 6 yo watches a library video about car racing while 8 yo works on end of the perek project. This was my will, not his. I got annoyed with lack of responsibility, and I think finishing chumash dangling from yesterday should be done before TV watching
  • for good-night story, 6 yo wants to do shared reading, like we did in the library

OK, put like this, it does sound like a packed day. I am still waiting to see what a lazy summer day will look like.

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