Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pesach Trivia Questions

I have been thinking quite a bit how to make our seder more interactive for the kids. I have a few ideas, but not sure how many of them I will be implementing and how many of them will go as planned.

I am planning to have a bunch of trivia questions to throw out there whenever the kids will seem bored.

Here is my list ( the last few with asnwers I found online). They skew to the younger side, since I want my 5 yr old to feel that they are "easy-peasy".

  1. What are the names of the holiday we are celebrating today?
  2. What are the ingredients used to make matzah?
  3. What are the names of the grains used to make matzah?
  4. What does shmura matzah mean?
  5. How long does one have before matzah dough becomes chametz?
  6. What are two reasons for eating matzah at the seder?
  7. When does one have mitzvah to eat matzah?
  8. How many days is Pesach?
  9. What happened on Pesach?
  10. In which country were Jewish people slaves?
  11. How long were they slaves?
  12. How many people went down to Egypt?
  13. How many people came up from Egypt?
  14. Who is not mentioned in the hagaddah, but you cannot tell story of Yetziat Mitzraim without him?
  15. How many steps are there at the seder?
  16. How many cups are there? Why?
  17. Which two korbanot were brought on Erev Pesach?
  18. How are we reminded of them?
  19. What tefila is said at night ONLY on seder night, but never during the year?
  20. What caused Par’o to let the Jews go?
  21. Name the makkos.
  22. Which makkah is the scariest? ( subjective)
  23. What is Shabbat HaGadol?
  24. What are you not allowed to do with chametz on Pesach?
  25. In which month do we celebrate Pesach?
  26. What did Jewish people do in Mitzrayim so that Hashem would skip their houses during the last makkah?
  27. Did Jewish people leave Miztraiym rich or poor?
  28.  Which “dessert” do we eat tonight?
  29. What is charoset?
  30. Name Moshe’s brother and sister.
  31. Why is Ha Lachma Ania in Aramaic?
  32. Who are the four sons?
  33. What does Dayeinu mean?
  34. When is the right time for the seder?
  35. Name the ingredients of Korech.
  36. Which tefila is split into two parts during seder?
  37. Which way do we recline?
  38. Name some halachot of korban Pesach.
  39. What kind of meat are we not allowed to eat during the seder?
  40. What happened to Mitzrim as they chased Bnei Yisrael?
  41. What is the last line in the hagaddah?
  42. Where do the pesukim for maggid come from?
  43. What happened in Bnei Brak?
  44. Find out what Ben Zoma taught.
  45. Who fasts right before Pesach and why?
  46. Who is the 5th cup for? (Eliyahu)
  47. What do we open right near the end of the seder (the door)
  48. What do we do while drinking the wine? (lean)
  49. Which way do we lean? (left)
  50. Why do we eat maror? (bc slavery was bitter)
  51. Name a vegetable u can use for karpas?
  52. What do we dip karpas in? (salt water)
  53. Why salt water? (tears of slaves, bitter)
  54. what did the jews do with the blood of the sheep b4 leaving Egypt? (put it on their doorposts)
  55. Name the 4 sons? (rasha, chacham, tam, she’eino yodea lisheol)
  56. Sing mah nishtana
  57. What do we eat with the matzah? (maror and charoset)
  58. Name something u can use for maror?
  59. How many times do we wash our hands during the seder? (2)
  60. How many seders do we have in chutz laaretz? (2)
  61. How many seders do Israelis have? (1)
  62. Name 3 things that are chametz?
  63. What are ways to get rid of chametz? (burn it, throw it out)
If you have any to add, please add! We will all benefit.


  1. I tend to ask my kids "thinking" questions, like, "How would you feel being a slave all your life?" or "How do you think the Jews felt when they found out they were being freed?" These questions always start really good conversations in which kids can explore their feelings and others' and develop some empathy in doing so.

    1. These are more "hunny, the kids look like they could use an easy question to earn a candy" kind. I think the deeper ones flow naturally from the sippur.

  2. I also recommend a bag full of stretchy rubber frogs. That has done wonders at our seder! :)