Tuesday, April 17, 2012

just call in the cops

In today's news I got an answer as to what happens when a kid throws a major tantrum in school. This is in Georgia. I am just saving myself a trip to police station and a school suspension. By the way, since that kid is suspended for losing her temper, guess what? She must be homeschooled for the rest of the year. See, I am just saving myself trouble.

Today, only one tantrum. I did not handle it beautifully, I ended up screaming back. So, basically, I tantrumed too.

We did all schoolwork today between the hours of 11 and 2. Both boys continued Rosetta Stone. 6 yo chose reading first, and read the whole reader to me. Then he did handwriting ( letter b), while I was doing spelling with 8 yo, who got all the words right today. So I sneakily told him to look up optional vocabulary words for science class. Then he chose math, which was 2 and 3 -D geometry. He did everything by himself, and followed with Out of Egypt story.

Meanwhile, 6 yo chose Lama and for today I agreed to write down the sentences if he reads them and tells me where they go. That went smoothly and then he read the next part of the story. Then we came to math. He wanted to do more train tracks like we did yesterday. I wanted to review place value. He puckered, but went ahead. Then we hit even/odd problem. He crumbled, saying he does not know which numbers are which. I tried giving him hints but he already decided it's too hard. Tantrum, major tantrum, kicking and screaming on the floor. The kind for which you get handcuffed. Maybe next time I should call police when I cannot control my child. ( Facetious, internet is bad at relating sarcasm).

I walked away and started making lunch for others. I told him he can join us when he finishes the page. His reflex is to grasp me and to yell. I said, I do not like to be hugged when I am not listened to. More yelling. After a while, I offered to show him how to do the first problem. His brother sneaked in even/odd answer. Slowly, creakily, he finished and came for lunch.

I served leftover plain noodles for lunch. My boys usually like them plain, not too hot, so that they can sprinkle cheese on top and it will not melt. Well, today first 8 yo asked for sauce on his noodles while watching his sister eat and then, later, 6 yo asked for sauce and melted cheese. One thing that is constant with kids: whichever routine you have, it will change.

After lunch, 6 yo breathed through ketiva and Rosetta Stone. I did more Chumash with 8 yo. I wrote a few al mi neemar and first he complained that there are no nekudot ( I was rushing) but then he answered them all. We got to the "juicy" part of Lot's daughters and we read the plan, the oldest coming and going and bullying the youngest into doing the same. Once he read the first pasuk, he exclaimed that she could not do that! I said that she thought they are the only people in the world. I asked him if he thought they will actually do it. He said, no. Then he noticed that extra nekuda and asked about it immediately. I told him that indicated that Lot did know what happened. Then I asked him if he thought the youngest was going to follow through. He said, no. I offered to read on to find out, but he demurred.

Considering how it went, I find it funny that I was so concerned about how I will teach this part to him. I guess I am comfortable now answering whatever question he would ask.

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