Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday, 7 yo asked me if we have Sunday school. I looked confused. He explained that he's worried that we'll have school on Sundays. I said that we do what we usually do on Sundays, and I will not write down a list of things to do, but if he feels like doing any work, he can do it.

Today, they all got up and started off with origami. They self-taught it and by now are pretty good following directions from a book. Then there was dishwasher unloading and breakfast. I outsourced dishwasher to the kids for the past year, they take turns doing top and bottom since neither likes to do silverware. (I don't like unloading dishwasher either).

The oldest davened only two things and then asked if he can do Rosetta Stone. I said yes and he plugged at it for a while. He said it's very easy and he wants to catch up to his brother. Well, his brother has been doing it for the past half year, so I do not think he will be catching up any time soon, but I like the motivation.

Right after lunch, 7 yo was invited for a playdate at a friend's house, with a promise of bowling. He jumped at the opportunity. 5 yo felt betrayed. He demanded to be taken bowling, tomorrow, by himself. The best that I could offer was a visit to farmer's market, which I had to do anyway. On the way over, we stopped at Starbucks and I got him hot chocolate. That made him feel better. He asked to buy sugar cane juice, to taste. He also helped with the rest of shopping and then we dropped off recycling. Last year,  we went there every week and he helped me sort recycling and drop off each group into the right container. This year I was doing recycling/farmer's marker by myself with 2y while the boys were at gymnastics. I specifically wanted to go before Tu BiShevat, to pick up cool fruit.

When we got back, 5 yo played badminton with daddy on the front lawn. Usually my husband is not home on Sundays, so that was a special treat. 5 yo got much better at it. He asked for that sugar cane juice and then announced with shock that there is pulp in it. We filtered some out and he drank a bit. What will I do with a quart of sugar cane juice? Boil it down to make sugar!

Finally, 7 yo was dropped off. When he was dropped off, his brother goes: " I missed you! You know how I felt? Like you were in school!"

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