Monday, February 6, 2012

So many ways to count

Today we went to Spivey Hall for their Young Audience concerts. This one had to do with counting and was a bit too young for 7yo, but he enjoyed it all the same. The performer, Mr Greg, really got his audience going, even 2 yo was dancing, stomping and trying to count her fingers. Additionally, we got to see organ in the hall and swans and geese in nearby lakes.

During the drive to and fro we listened to Alice in Wonderland. I find that books on tape work very well for us. Whenever I start a long book at home, we usually get through first couple chapters and then some other book comes along. In the car, the CD is always right at the spot where we left off, and the kids enjoy listening to the same story multiple times. I get these books on tape from the library and 6 week span gives us plenty of use.

Once we got home, it was lunchtime. 7 yo did Rosetta Stone while I was making lunch. He thinks he's pulling a fast one on me, getting a lot of sanctioned computer use. I'm just letting him go at it.

After lunch, I got complaints that the schedule is still not written up. I fixed that and for now told boys to take turns picking which activity we'll do next. I am still figuring out what exactly 7 yo knows and how much should I encourage him or let him be. He finds his math quite easy, I asked him to get started on one page and then he came back, with 4 more pages filled in. His brother was still not done with his, so he asked to have a timed addition/subtraction page printed out. ( They did those at school). Why not?

Total sitting down school time for today: 2.5 hours, with breaks.

Right now they're taking turns using Mavis Beacon. Then it's off to gymnastics and library.

I love NOT having to do carpool!

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  1. Please, please let me know next time you go to Spivey Hall!