Monday, February 6, 2012

Homeschooling Conference

Reposting from one of frum homeschooling groups:

We have opened registration for the Fourth Torah Home Education Conference!

You will spend the day learning from veteran home educators, meeting other Jews interested in living a family-based learning lifestyle, 
and be able to peruse and purchase homeschooling materials from local and national educational vendors.

We are proud to bring you:
  • Evelyn Krieger, the author of the popular new novel, One is Not a Lonely Number, and veteran homeschooling mother.

  • Mrs Deborah Beck talking about Integrating Kodesh and Chol: Secular Subjects and Torah - Two Sides of the Same Coin.

  • Mrs. Robin Alberg presenting Remaining Focused In an Age of Digital Distractions. 

  • Mrs. Susan Lapin teaching us the idea of VeShinantam Levanecha: Defining Torah Home Education.

  • A Veteran Homeschoolers Panel: Addressing Key Questions Including "How Can I Teach What I Never Learned?"

  • Mr Max Masinter leading a group discussion on Whether the Homeschooling Community Should Promote Homeschooling as a Lifestyle Choice to Address Communal Issues. 

  • and several speakers/topics TBA.

Shabbos hospitality is available with the possibility of a melava d'malka afterwards. 

The conference will be Sunday May 6, 2012 at the Park Heights JCC in Baltimore, MD. Registration will begin at 8:15am and the conference will begin at 9 am. 

To find out more and register for the conference, please visithttp://torahhomeedu cation.eventbee. com

We look forward to meeting you at the conference!

I would love to go, but they are still working out childcare. Pretty ironic, considering this is for a group of people who definitely have kids an home. Everywhere I go, I bring my kids as a necessity. I would enjoy and get more out from this sans kids, but, frankly, where am I going to put them?

Also, now that the word got out more that we re homeschooling, I am finding out locally that there are a whole lot of frum people doing the same. Maybe with one kid. Maybe for half a day. For their own reasons. If only we could all unite and exchange information, then there would be less "sticking out like a sore thumb" syndrome.

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