Sunday, August 12, 2012

wish list for the next school year

When you get married, you register for things so that people know what you want (really expensive china). When you are pregnant, you register for things, so that people know what you want (that really cute bassinet which you will use to store burp cloths as the baby will be snoozing on your chest). When you start a new school year, you get a supply list from the teacher and buy fifteen pairs of scissors which will magically vanish by the end of the school year.

I went to Target last week and bought bare-bones supplies for next year:
  • ruled paper (loose-leaf binders work for us)
  • graph paper ( per request of 8 yo)
  • dividers for binders
  • ruler
  • planner for me ( to pretend that I am keeping track of it all)
  • composition notebooks for boys' journaling (and I suspect they might remain empty)
  • two folders with prongs ( to keep math work)
  • watercolors (2 yo request)
  • tape, glue, erasers--for some reason, these items are always getting used up or lost

This is what I bought or am buying online:
  • Handwriting Without Tears: script for 8 yo ( his request, I am not sure it is necessary to learn script any more) and printing reinforcement for 6 yo. I also got their journal for 6 yo, maybe this year he will feel confident enough to start writing
  • What Your Third Grade Needs to Know (for me as a loose guide, but 8 yo to read stories and social studies)
  • Math Mammoth (hopefully it will be a thinking kind of curriculum, with neat tricks along the way)
  • many Jewish books: Pirkei Avot, Yonah, cartoons (Dovid Ben Yishai, Rashi. Elishama and Ephraim Leave Mitzrayim, The Children of Shushan fight Haman), books about mishkan and Beit HaMikdash
  • many Jewish CDs: 613 Torah Ave on parsha and tefila, Story Tyme with rabbi Juravel for Pesach and Succot, some DVDs ( BeGan Shel Dudu)

I am planning to utilize the library to supplement. We take out lots of science books, social studies, literature, picture books, arts and crafts. We also get CDs and occasional DVD out, usually an educational one.

Here is the actual wish list:
  • globe
  • political map of the world
  • map of the US
  • map of Israel (without funny cutouts)
  • electric pencil sharpener
  • origami paper
  • molecular modeling kit
  • 3-D puzzle of the Beit hamikdash
  • timeline paper
  • science kits: weather, acid rain, water quality, etc.

  • Round and Round the Jewish Year Volume 4
  • One Special Prayer
  • Seven Special Weeks
  • Rabeinu Shmuel HaNagid
  • How Things Work
  • biographies of composers and artists

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