Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24th

It's been a hectic couple of days here. Strawberry picking on Sunday, full day of schoolwork on Monday, followed by gymnastics followed by pizza, library today... I like my days full, but I am wondering whether they are overflowing.

Before Shabbos I did not get around to mopping the kitchen. It would not have been a big deal except that's the only day I mop the kitchen. But then I did not get to mopping it on Saturday night or on Sunday. On Monday morning, 2 yo spilled a full cup of milk. By lunchtime, 6 yo spilled his smoothie, so I was cornered in: after lunch I kicked the kids out of the kitchen and mopped. I also discovered snot on the bathroom floor, so that got mopped, too. Right before bedtime today, 2 yo spilled kefir, which ricocheted halfway across the kitchen. As I was spot-cleaning,  I saw a short summary of today's dinner on the floor: broccoli, lasagna, matzah crumbs from lunch...

I do not have cleaning help, but I am seriously considering getting someone. Maybe after our Israel trip ( my quip is that by NOT paying for cleaning we saved up enough for this trip).

 Another homeschooler runs a blogs called sustainable jewish schooling. I know that what I am doing right now is unsustainable.


  1. Get cleaning help. I have it, and it makes a huge difference in my sanity. (I justify it by saying that I'm using the money we save on tuition.)

  2. Knowing your limits is definitely important. Yasher koach on everything you do to create such rich learning opportunities for you kids. Definitely get help where you need/can.