Friday, January 27, 2012

Black Widow

Today, when parsha got tough, we went outside to weed, to change scenery and to get some fresh air. I told Natanel to pull weeds out with their roots and he spent a bit of time being amazed to how long those roots are. Then we found snails under cinder blocks, and Natanel wisely noted that the live ones are the dark ones. Then I found an earthworm, showed him the segments and we put it on our composting pile. Under the  last block I found this spider. As soon as Natanel saw it, he yelled not to touch it, because it's a black widow. I am thinking, what are the chances of finding a black widow in my front yard? Once I flipped it over, there was the red mark. We took a picture, so that Natanel can turn it in to Chattahoochie nature exchange.

I am sorry that Shmuli missed this spider.

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